Jones Journal Monthly e-Mailer for June 2003

Dear Friends,

Greetings in Jesus! I've not yet posted this e-Mailer to our website, but if you'd like to see past issues with photos, click on "Ministry" at This includes updates on ministry, family, praise and prayer.

* The Project Compassion medical team from San Diego is here now in Panamá. After a day and a half of doing a medical clinic they have attended to about 450 people in the Emberá Indian community in Cerro Batea Adentro. Tomorrow they will finish there. Wednesday we travel to Santiago of Veraguas province for two more days of clinic before returning back here to Panamá city for a day of site-seeing and shopping Saturday before they return home to the US on Sunday.

It has been a pleasure to work with Director Cyndi Bradbury and the other 25 dedicated doctors, nurses, pharmacists and support staff. We have several dedicated Panamanian brothers and sisters helping as well. Later we'll provide a fuller report online. Please pray for effective ministry and medicine.

* I now have a report online for our (4/27/03) Children's Ministries Parade celebrating Panama's Centenario (100 year anniversary). It's a series of photos and brief descriptions that you can find in Ministry section of our website.

* Plus you can see our latest newsletter online in Adobe pdf format. Click on Newsletters section of our website.

* Last e-Mailer I mentioned the upcoming city-wide crusade with Benny Hinn and his ministry team that took place on 10-11 May. Afterwards I took a little grief for mentioning the crusade was organized by the AG in Panamá. To be more accurate, it was really sponsored by Hosanna, our largest AG church.

Let me be blunt: I'm not a Benny Hinn fan, nor am I detractor. Let me be like John's disciples and just tell you what I saw and heard. I've pasted in below what I sent to someone immediately after the crusade.
I'm not an apologist for Benny Hinn in any way. All those TV preacher types rub me the wrong way. In fact, I don't dispute much of what you said. However, I wish you could have stood beside me and looked into the tear-filled eyes of the young couple who came back Sunday night to testify to God's miracle-working power in their lives. He is Panamanian, she is Mexican, and they are pastors in Hillsboro, OR (not of interest to you maybe, but I used to live near there). She has had uterine cancer for a couple years. The doctors have given no hope. They came to Panamá so she could die, and so her husband's family could take care of her two little boys, ages 5 & 3.

The night before she felt fire in her body as God healed her, but was embarrased to go up front and testify. Saturday night she sleft like a baby--something the pain had not let her do for months! I'm very happy for them both.

An AG pastor from Las Vegas, Paul Goulet, was one of the two testimony-givers after healings were verified (aside: many people who *wanted* to go onstage were not allowed because they didn't appear to be completely healed). Rev. Goulet's 18 year-old daughter was healed at a Benny Hinn crusade and he has been a supporter ever since. I got to talk at length with Paul and was very impressed with his devotion to his family, his Lord, his church and to world missions. His is one of the 100 largest churches in the US--he didn't tell me that. I knew that beforehand because I had sent him a missionary promo pak while itinerating.
Thanks for all who prayed for salvations, healings and follow up for the crusade.

* The Miss Universe Pageant is presently underway here in Panamá. It's a big deal for the country because the current Miss Universe is Miss Panamá, and because we're celebrating the Centenario . If you're interested learning more, here's the website address:

Tomorrow is the big night of the live program. So get this: tonight we received a call from our kids' teacher that today President Mireya Moscoso announced that there would be no classes at any school tomorrow because of the Miss Universe Pageant. Please don't waste your time asking us why—we don't have a clue either. :-D That's life in Latin America!

As I wrap up I realize this note is weighted heavy on ministry stuff. Next time we'll try catch you up a little more on our family.

I hope you don't get tired of hearing us say it, since don't get tired of letting you know, thanks for your support in prayers and finances. God bless you.

Yours for Them,

Kirk for all