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Dear Friends,


Happy Labor Day from Houston, TX!


Yes, we are still near the Houston Medical Center following Yvonne’s heart surgery a couple weeks ago repairing the ascending aorta. Since many of you have prayed and asked about her progress we wanted to say thank you for the prayers and provide a brief update. And ask you to please continue praying throughout her recovery.


Her surgeon Dr. Lawrie successfully replaced the aneurysm with a Dacron graft. She spent a little over 24 hours in ICU, then spent four more nights in a regular room. Chloe stayed with her overnights and helped immensely once we were all out of the hospital.


Yvonne walks a little bit every day and does deep breathing exercises hourly. Pain is under control with Tylenol. We are very grateful to the Lord for her tremendous progress so far. We invite you to please pray for ability to breath deeply without coughing and for the overall soreness to improve.


We return to Panamá this Friday where Yvonne will continue recuperating over the next few months. Doctors say it should take several months for her to feel 100% again.


Thank you all again for your prayers and support. Blessings!

Yours for Them,


Kirk & Yvonne

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