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Dear Friends,

Greetings in Jesus from Panamá!  

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you once again for your ongoing support of our ministry to reach and disciple children here in Panamá. It’s because of your prayers and financial support that recently at church we were gratefully surprised to see one of the kids that we had previously mentored while in they were in the orphanage. This 18 year old, now an adult, showed up on their own to church, and later let us know that they want to plug into a small group—praise God!small_group_ZOOM-240.jpeg

Weekly ministry with the precious kids from hard places continues. Recently we have been able to give to provide for the children who request it modern translation Bibles along with smaller portions of Christian literature. Join us in prayer for continued open doors for the Amigo Mentor Program.

Compiling this issue I realized some of these ideas fall under the category of a “behind the scenes look” at missionary work. Part of our missions work, like most all work for that matter, is preparing for the work.

Yvonne, seen preparing for the vocal workshop, writes: Harmony, changing vocal registers, vibrato and warm up exercises. These were some of the topics the PAINT Church (Panama International Church) worship team asked me to teach on each Thursday during the month of September. Their enthusiasm and desire to learn and grow in their talents that the Lord has given them was an inspiration for me! After trying a few new techniques, I heard a difference immediately! Often when we are involved in a worship service, the team makes it look so easy.  But, so much is involved in making the music flow well from one song to the next. Preparing ones heart to lead in worship is important, but also preparing your voice, your instrument, the PowerPoint lyrics along with sound and lights tech crew, is all vital in the experience. Be sure to thank your worship team next time you see them at church. Make His praise glorious!

Kirk will be teaching Introduction to Missions at the Bible School starting January. Different from teaching the same material in past years, next semester it will be completely online. While I have some experience using online platforms, I am grateful that the Resource and Advisory Center (CRA en español), based here in Panamá and led over the years by our colleagues the Boyds and the Morales, provided three nights of excellent PROCEPA training. Topic: How to prepare and maximize resources and strategies for online theological education.

Assemblies of God News Release (FYI):
“AG National Office is pleased to announce the release of a major update to the AG Giving website, beginning Oct. 11, 2021. Our team has worked to improve the overall user experience of AG Giving, while retaining the key features of AG Giving that allow our generous donors’ need to manage their giving with the Assemblies of God. Here are some of the key updates and features:
     - Updated, Mobile-Friendly User Interface
     - Easier to manage recurring schedules with large amount of designations
     - Security Updates
     - Manage Recurring Schedules
     - Manage Saved Payment Methods
If you have reoccurring payments, they will continue to be processed without any action on your part. In order to make changes to any aspect of your current giving after October 11, you will need to sign up for a new AG accounts login. Please watch your email for set up details soon.”

We, the Joneses, thank you for your financial support whichever method you choose to use. If you would like to use the updated AG Giving website for either one-time or recurring donations, the direct link to our account is unchanged: For Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

The previous update affords the opportunity to answer a question we sometimes get itinerating, especially when interacting with children: “sooo, as a missionary, what do you do all day?” For us it’s rarely the same every day, but typically we have tasks that cycle weekly, monthly or quarterly. For instance, quarterly financial reports are coming up this month. So that is one slice of the answer to that question.

Each missionary unit (single or couple) reports every three months on the work funds disbursed to them from their account, and used during the quarter that they had raised during itineration ministry. In addition, at this time I serve as Panamá’s AG Missionary Field Treasurer, receiving funds, managing and spending based on the field decisions, and then reporting to our colleagues and jefes (bosses) in AGWM leadership.

May I suggest for anyone considering service for the Lord in ministry, missions, or church work, learn basic accounting! It will serve you well to be accountable with the sacred trust of managing the financial resources entrusted to you for the work of the Lord.

All the money needed to send and support an army of self-sacrificing, joy-spreading ambassadors is already in the church.Chloe_RootedTCK_podcast_IGpic-180.jpeg
 — John Piper

Thank you for supporting us, your ambassadors! God’s richest blessings!

Before closing, we would like to let you know that Chloe appeared on a new ISMK podcast, The Rooted TCK. We invite you to give a listen!

Kirk & Yvonne

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