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Dear Friends,

Football & futbol fever pitch greetings in Jesus from Panamá!

My fever is dropping, since neither our beloved Packers nor Chiefs are going to Super Bowl LVI. But Panamá’s fan base Marea Roja (red tide) is rising. They hope the National Selection can go to the FIFA World Cup (again)!

Kirk-Yvonne_tipico_hat-blouse_preach-240.jpegDuring Panamá’s patriotic month, Kirk was invited to preach for the Panamá City District ministers meeting. That explains the traditional típico costume of hat and blouse.

Thanks to your support in prayer and finance, along with several specific donations, at Christmas we were able to bless the children at the transitional center where we minister each week. Yvonne provides an expanded report on our ministry to kids from hard places:

>> For the past several months, we’ve had the opportunity to minister to kids from all over the world that find themselves at this transitory orphanage. One 14 year old boy came from Bangladesh to try and make his way to the U. S. so that he could find a job to support his family back home. He arrived to Panamá, and started his journey through the dense Darién Jungle. While crossing a deep river, he lost his backpack that had his papers, a little money, and a map to get to the city. The authorities found him and put him in the orphanage till they could decide what to do with him.

One day we arrived to meet four siblings—two boys and two girls. They were lively and fun at first, but as weeks and months passed, their hope of being reunited with family grew dim. One of the girls told me her parents were witches. Other things came out in conversations that broke my heart. While there, I did the color bracelet that tells the gospel with colors. They prayed to accept the Lord and kept wearing the bracelet and explained the colors when we arrived. They are gone now and we pray the seeds that were planted will grow and bear fruit for eternal life.

During December we had a Christmas party. Along with the games and food, we made a Christmas ornament that included their picture. That meant so much to each of them because they don’t have phones to take selfies. While living in the system they never have the opportunity to have a simple picture of themselves. Before opening gifts, we had each child come sit in the “hot seat”, one by one, and we laid hands and prayed for them. We had been studying the Fruits of the Spirit so we chose a word to speak into their lives. It was a meaningful time. One of the young mothers told us she was so happy to get a blanket for her baby, she had been wanting one. This mother also asked us privately to pray that she would not be separated from her baby.

Kirk-Yvonne_CTPA_gifts_pile-240.jpegWe are thankful that even with all the COVID restrictions that we are still able to minister in the orphanages. This one transitory orphanage has a particular urgency in that we may only have one or two opportunities to share the gospel and then they are gone. We give Bibles to those who ask for one and pray for those with special needs. Thanks for helping us minister to these precious kids from hard places. <<

We Panamá missionaries (who happened to be in country at the time) were blessed by a lunch invitation from our general treasurer of the US Assemblies of God, Pastor Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesús. He was in country preaching at a leadership conference. Pictured L-R: Pastors Davie & Naydita Hernandez, Pastor “Choco,” the Kenyons and the Joneses.

Tony-Paola_Engagement_Causeway_bkgd-240.jpegOver Christmas we enjoyed the entire family being together again in Panama! Chloe, Celina & Gracie joined Tony and us for warm weather, good food, lots of laughs and just being together. The highlight event is Tony and Paola are now engaged! The wedding will be here in Panamá in April. We are overjoyed and grateful to the Lord!

He who finds a wife finds what is good
and receives favor from the LORD.
Proverbs 18:22 (NIV)

I can confidently say that both Tony and I have received favor from the Lord!

Once again please receive our thanks and appreciation for your support in finance and prayer that makes this ministry possible. For those who contributed financially through AGWM last year, you will be receiving our annual thank you letter via email shortly. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Kirk & Yvonne

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